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About BLAF

About  BLAF Uganda Limited 

BLAF U Ltd is a youth centered company registered In Uganda ( under section 192(4) of the Act) Republic of Uganda with registration number 80020001524618 dated 11th day of January the year 2019 with its registered address Sayuni Plaza 9506 Nkuruma road.

BLAF U Ltd is committed to complementing the education of young people in schools and communities; developing and sustaining their interests in development processes regarding health, employment, migration and education among other socially relevant interventions, and increasing their ownership of such processes.

BLAF U Ltd ultimate aim is to solicit funds through various means to engender an effective dialogue among this demographic group as well as include them in actions and relationships with the state institutions responsible for their welfare in order to empower the otherwise somewhat idle and seemingly excluded youth and elderly to have a greater ownership of the country’s and the world’s development processes.



A well established company that creates vision of a world where the youth and elderly can live healthy lives without fear of intimidation and live their ideas and ideals to their own individual benefits and to the benefit of society as a whole.


Core Values

Honesty and Integrity / Hard work -Dignity in Labour / Self-worth / Respect-For self and for all / Knowledge / Love / Life



To give more meaning to Secondary Education through our main business project (The Students Thought National Magazine) through effective SBCC and empowerment of the youth and elderly,creating awareness about issues facing them(especially RH and Financial awareness) by providing platforms for them to share their experiences and ideas,address issues of public concern and share in the ownership of development processes more inclusive and equitable.

Magazine Editions



General Objective

Through different projects at hand; we want to serve as a body which people (youth and elderly) across Uganda will learn from and share ideas with each other regardless of their geographical, social cultural and social economic limitations. 

Aims & Objective

To raise funds through selling magazines, partners, donors to provide scholarships to the misfortune children to enable them access quality education especially those from poor families, orphans and the disabled.

To provide sanitary towels to all school going girls to allow them to continue with their education especially those in rural areas and also the disabled children with wheel chairs, walking sticks and other basic needs.

Our Staff 

Rwebembera Barnabas

Rwebembera Barnabas

Head of SRO's / Communications & Marketing Officer

Komukyeya Patricia Mbabazi

Komukyeya Patricia Mbabazi

Public relations Officer

Kyogabirwe Rebecca

Kyogabirwe Rebecca

Human Resource Manager

Magoba Dorcus

Magoba Dorcus


Mugisha Darius

Mugisha Darius

Procurement Officer

Turyasingura Peter

Turyasingura Peter

I.T Personel

Ankunda Balam

Ankunda Balam

Head Of Photography & Design

Our Partners/ Associates


Uganda Secondary Schools Prefects’ Association

Association of Secondary Schools Headteachers of Uganda

We are the publishers of The Students Thought Magazine and The Students paper: The students thought magazine is a student centered national magazine registered in Uganda under registration number 80020001082526 dated 22 JUNE 2018..... READ MORE


P.O BOX 9506, Kampala
Access Building - Rubaga Road Suite No:518


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