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In the Ugandan context, this is the conduct that is contrary to the UNEB constitution. The major aim of such an act is usually to pass examinations and it’s prominently known as “Cheating Exams”. The consequences of indulgence in the act are mentioned in the UNEB constitution such as withholding of a suspected candidate’s results for the UNEB law take hand or any other examination’s board such as UBTEB

However, some individuals or institutions pro-claim to be “Smart” enough in this nutsy game. At the end of the day they are able to clear suspicions of malpractice due to…..

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Mityana standard SS Kagavu


On several occasions, I have heard people talking of “poor reading culture” in Uganda. My question is, does this culture exist? To my amusement, even those who talk of poor reading culture don’t read. The main reason why I read is to be informed and enlightened. It is very dangerous to be in the company of people who don’t read. They always argue dressed in ignorance because they don’t read. Unless we motivate ourselves to read, we shall remain slaves of ignorance despite the fact that we went to school. It is unfortunate that most people who graduate from institutions of higher learning bury their books thereafter. It ….

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Look! Look! Look at this bad man who retards, impairs and distorts students’ minds to an extent that some leave education without realizing the hidden treasure in it. Who is that? Indeed, I must let the cat out the bag to save my fellows. It is examination malpractice. It refers to the illegal practices carried out by professionals during the examination period like feeding candidates with answers in accordance with the questions asked, having a glance at your neighbor’s work during an exam, un necessary movements etc.……

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Sanitary towel is the disposable absorbent pad used to absorb uterine flow. Sanitary towels give women luxurious atmosphere by acting as blood absorbent during menstruation and therefore enabling females to run their daily activities freely without any worries. It is a fact of life that all females at the age of 14 and above can never live life without sanitary towels unless one fails to afford them. Mostly girls in rural areas have no access to sanitary towels which is very dangerous. In fact most girls in rural areas have crammed the wrong idea of  ……

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From time immemorial, every generation has grappled with challenges that eventually inform the focus its education system takes. Our own generation is equally coming to grips with a series of obstacles that are impeding the achievement of many of its goals. A case in point, is the ever increasing dropout rate in schools. With the introduction of UPE and USE, millions of children enroll to study in various schools throughout Uganda. That, surely is good news to a country, whose education system had deteriorated shortly after independence. However, the good news seems short-lived as fewer and fewer pupils, …

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Examination malpractice  simply means helping oneself to get answers in the examination room with unaccepted material e.g phones, papers with answers, programmable calculators etc. Currently, students right from secondary school level to university level involve in examination malpractice . Some students more so the female ones go ahead and have relationships with their teachers while at school so that they can easily be given the exams in advance, get the answers and read the major topics so that they can pass the examinations.Personally, I must confess that I have been involved in examination malpractice several ….

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I wish to begin by commending the management of the National High School Magazine for providing students with the opportunity to share experiences on various topical issues. In effect this contributes to the development of their writing skills.In a similar vein, I am privileged to be given the opportunity to express some views concerning the selected challenges that the students are grappling with.From time immemorial, every generation has struggled with challenges that eventually inform the focus its education system takes. Our own generation is equally coming to grips with a series of obstacles that are impeding the achievement of many goals.

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